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23.09.2015 г.

JSC Ruspolymet has been assigned as «Green supplier»

The company Honeywell International Inc gave a status of Green Supplier to JSC Ruspolymet. Not many companies have such opportunity to get this important status and we are very proud of it.

Honeywell International Inc. has its own system of supplier evaluation according to the different criterion; the most important of them are quality of products and on-time deliveries. Honeywell International Inc. makes evaluation of Ruspolymet activity using the same system for all other Suppliers, and during cooperation between 2 companies, Ruspolymet has received definite scores. All these key indicators help to gain high results and to participate in different projects of Honeywell. Honeywell assigns to their suppliers as «Green Supplier» in case when all deliveries were executed on-time and there are no quality escapes. These requirements are serious enough and not all companies can meet these strict requirements. This above information was announced on the teleconference by the President of Quality team Mr. Ronn Mister and by Vice-president of Procurement team Mr. John Casey. It’s our great pleasure that we are able to comply with such requirements and we are approved and reliable supplier for your business partner Honeywell.