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Our production process for complex alloys provides for application of open arc and vacuum-induction melting at ISV and IChT furnaces with further refining and vacuum arc remelting at VAM and ESR furnaces, in order to obtain high-quality metal with specified structure, and get mechanical properties and characteristics improved by 10-15%.

Besides, JSC RUSPOLYMET is now establishing a state-of-the-art electrometallurgical plant. In autumn 2011 there will be commissioning of the new electrometallurgical complex, including steel making and forging modules.

The new electrometallurgical complex comprising 9-ton steel-making arc furnace with furnace transformer, ladle furnace, double-chamber steel degassing unit, etc. will allow us to manufacture virtually all types of steel used in the ring rolling business. The forging module will provide for manufacturing of forgings and blanks for production of rings from the steel made. Production volume will be 60 000 tons of liquid steel per year.

We have launched commercial production of ingots from heat-resistant and special alloys at the ALD (Germany) and Inteco (Austria) VAR furnace as well as New Inteco ESR furnace.

The new production complex allows us to manufacture ingots – up to 12 tons and 900 mm in diameter – from carbon, alloyed, titanium and heat-resistant steels and alloys for aircraft, power, engineering and other industries.

Plain ingots of circular cross section INGOTS
D=100-500 mm
L=1000-6000 mm