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Kulebaky metallurgical plant started to manufacture in the middle of the fifties of rings for the first domestic jet engines from the new aerospace materials. The destiny of the team of 15 thousand people was defined once and for all in 1966 - the plant was subordinated to Ministry of Aviation. Kulebaky specialists were obliged to provide completely with ring products all serial engine plants of the country.

The specialists of the plant together with research Institutes NIAT, VILS, VIAM, Giproniaviaprom, VNIIMetmash developed in principal new technologies and established a complex of technological equipment for manufacture of welded rings from sheet and plate materials. These technologies let leave behind the Western on the field of ring manufacture. Kulebaky developments are protected by more than 20 certificates of authorship and patents in foreign countries.

To the middle of the eighties there was established at the plant a new and more modern worldwide the ring rolling Work Shop for economic manufacture of rings for rotor and high loaded stator parts. The first rings were rolled by ring rolling mill of company "Banning" at the end of 1986. The plant became finally a leadership on the field of ring manufac ture for aerospace application.