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The history of Kulebaky metallurgical plant is originated since 1866 when the first blast furnace was taken in to operation. Kulebaky mining plant became 1872 one of the leading Supplier of profiled and sheet iron for need of railway and sea ministry of Russia after belonging to "Kolomensk machine building company" under the leadership of brothers Struve.

At Kulebaky mining plant were taken into operation in 1900 4 blast furnaces, 9 welding furnaces, 4 open-hearth furnaces and 5 puddling furnaces, 5 rolling mills, 8 steam hammers. 8000 workers work at the plant. Complete production cycle is established.

For the whale period of the First World War since 1912 the plant became the main specialization as follow, manufacture of armor for Army, shrapnel blanks and metallic materials for carriage and steam locomotives.